Weltevree Dutchtub

$ 8,500.00

Stop it. Seriously, stop it. Look at this thing. Does it get more fantastically romantic-practical-sexy-portable than this? Now you will be able to hot tub literally ANYWHERE you go. Zion in March. Your backyard in June. A few Christmas snow angels and then jump into this bad boy. 

Drag it, peddle it, truck it, float it. Add water. Gather wood. Light it. Then stir. It comes in endless custom colors and a few classic standards, but I’m a sucker for the lightest of lightest blues. Those Dutch sure know what they are doing with the great outdoors. Now THIS is what I call the pioneering spirit.

Price includes shipping to US and VAT.

SHIPPING NOTICE: This item will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive as it ships directly from the Netherlands.