Salsa Fargo Custom Bike

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For many, the first question asked when they lay eyes on the Salsa Fargo is "What is that thing even for?" One of the most versatile bikes on the market, the Fargo allows the rider to choose between several different tire and wheel options. From a road bike style 700c all the way to an adventure focused 29" plus tire and everything in between.  The Titanium Fargo that Salsa Cycles has produced maintains all of the benefits of titanium, comfortable ride, light weight, and durability.  

During Summer 2017 at Fitzgerald’s (our favorite bike shop in Jackson, WY) they built seven Titanium Fargos and each of them was been completely different.  Each was tailored to the exact specifications of the customer, depending on their intended use of the bike.  Some Fargos were made as light as possible as a performance bike for riding dirt roads, and some were built as utilitarian and durable as possible to stand up to the 2768 mile Tour Divide route from Banff, Canada to Antelope Well, NM.  The Fargo is totally comfortable in either setting.

The Little Moving Spaces Fargo was designed to be able to excel in either of the mentioned environments.  The components were selected to be as simple as possible for reliability and ease of repair in the field, but also to be as light as possible, for when the performance side of the bike shows it self.  The drivetrain of the bike is all Sram XX1 Eagle: a mountain bike system that offers the largest gear range of any 1X (no front shifting) drivetrain on the market. This theme continues with the rest of the component selection. For a handlebar we chose to use a Jones Cut H-Bar, which is a flat bar with a unique shape that allows for differing hand positions, for everything from aerodynamic positions to comfortable endurance positions. Thompson seat post and stem ensure strength, while remaining lightweight.  The most unique aspect of the build is the pair of Industry Nine wheel sets which can be swapped depending on the intended ride.  The pink and red set is a 27.5+ wheelsext that allows for a 3 inch tire. This gives the rider amazing traction, as well as allows for lower tire pressure to iron out roots and rocks on trail.  To complement these, the rainbow set is 700c with a 34c tire, something that would be found on a gravel road bike.  This more performance based wheel set is lighter weight, and allows for a narrower treadless tire for low rolling resistance.  Industry Nine is known industry wide for their extreme high quality, colorful anodized aluminum spokes, and signature sound when gliding.  The beauty of these bikes for us is the freedom they offer in how we build them.  Although we chose this particular collection of components for this bike, the fun of it is choosing the right parts for the specific rider.-